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Cottage Industries 10 - Various

Cottage Industries 10

Cat No. NEO45
Price: £20
Limited to Limited to 200 double CD boxsets
Released: November 2020 (PRE-ORDER NOW)

Cottage Industries 9 - Various

Cottage Industries 9

Cat No. NEO44
Price: £20
Limited to Limited to 200 triple CD boxsets
Released: Jan 2020

Clockwork Manor is number 9 in a series of Neo Ouija compilations.

Neo Ouija is back with another Killer compilation, this time it pushes things to the future, once again with some familiar faces to the label and some new comers just flying in with new music from nowhere but feels like we have heard from them before, music this good really should be made illegal. This really is music for fussy listeners as it covers a wide range of styles and sounds, from blissed out ambient vibes to skull crushing madness

Its great to see this label getting back to the good old days when it was just about how good the music is.

Don't miss out on this 3 disc set with stunning artwork.

Don't miss out and have to pay them crazy Discogs prices. Buy now save for the future with Neo Ouija

Cottage Industries 8 - Various

Cottage Industries 8

Sold Out
Cat No. NEO42
Price: £18
Limited to Limited to 150 Double CD
Released: Feb 2019

1.Christ. - Threye
2.Ambidextrous - Spacemaker
3.Buspin Jieber - Slow Rant Phase
4.Digitonal - Daisychain
5.Foresense - Voelspriet
6.Ruxpin - Modekai
7.Tim Exile - Elbow Slam
8.BLN - Arraad
9.Roel Funcken - Participatory Anthropic Principle
10.Operator - Mauserfeel
11.(Ghost) - Left
12.The Gasman - Plus10TPX
13.Min-Y-Llan - LOT-E M5 (Karsten Plfum Dog In Dog Remix)
14.Exm - Litter Ext
15.Beta Consciousness - Moments Are Passing By
16.Dialed - Stopped Clocks
17.Dub Tractor - Nono World Five
18.Oxynucid - Raspberry Glazed
19.Dude - Wave
20.Attracktta - Playhands
21.Andrew Course - Kalia
22.Monoform - Bloom
23.Midimode - Illusions (Rescue Remix)
24.Generate - Remedy
25.Weld - Arc
26.Milieu - Gentle Suburban Cares
27.Weldroid - Comatosed Distruption
28.Troubleshooter - Star Destroyer

Artwork By Geometric Love
Mastered by Black Particle

Album Compiled By Lee Norris & Martin Boulton

Cottage Industries 7 - Various

Cottage Industries 7

Cat No. NEO41
Price: £12
Limited to 150 CDs
Released: October 2017

1. Coppice Halifax - Pink Plastic 07:02
2. Tim Koch - Fopera 04:54
3. Qeshi - Och Deflinen 04:45
4. Ambidextrous - Subroutine 05:53
5. Custola & Morgen Wurde - About Divers 05:56
6. Ola Bauriman - Hourglass 03:44
7. Mick Chillage - Initial Programs 04:45
8. Metamatics - Cosmic Emotion 06:35
9. Christ - Unfolded Protein Response 06:20
10. Cryostasis - Pulsating With Life(Dokun Remix) 07:52
11. Derek Carr - Delta One(Touching Down) 03:40
12. Roel Funcken - Circuit Interference 02:53
13. Min-Y - Llan-Popty Ping 04:14
14. Ruxpin - 40 Days And Night 04:25
15. Dokun - Precession 07:46 (DIGITAL ONLY)
16. Metamatics - Dope For The Robot(Lackluster Remix) 08:19 (DIGITAL ONLY)

Metamatics_Dope For The Robot(Lackluster remix)
Do not appear on the cd and are exclusive to the digital download only.

Roel Funcken_Circuit Interference
taken from Bloid Fraxton ep
released September 14, 2017

Compiled by Lee Norris
Art by Nick Edell
Mastered by Black Particle

Cottage Industries 6 - Various

Cottage Industries 6

Sold Out
Cat No. NEO40
Price: £11
Limited to 200 CDs
Released: April 2017

Neo Ouija takes the platter and spins it with their own textural funk on Cottage Industries 6.

Cottage Industries 6 contains a wide range of beautiful electronics from relatively unknown and known musicians from around the world. The music fills the void that experimental electronic music seems to leave wide open. Rather than scratching your head at the end of this 67 minute excursion, you’re forced to think, relax, and sit back to contemplate.

It becomes quite an adventure when music takes a new shape and form and Cottage Industries 6 makes that possible by allowing 14 different artists to create their own atmosphere’s and textures.

Artists - Arovane, Bauri, Metamatics, Tim Koch, Christ, Qeshi, Ambidextrous, Coppice Halifax, Roel Funcken, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Gis,Ghostwerk & Zebra, Lackluster & Novel 23

Bodypop - Metamatics


Cat No. NEO37
Price: £12
Limited to 150 CDs
Released: October 2016

Neo Ouija is back!!

New tracks from Metamatics invoking the beautiful spirit of Lee Norris at his most rhythmically fluid.

After nearly 20 years of Metamatics, Bodypop leaps out and is almost cheekily fresh, firmly strident, fizzing with bubbles of acidic bass lines, lean voices, chattering, all the wheels inside of wheels.
New, now, but equally timelessly mature, older and wiser.

This is Metamatics for long journeys, for being transported, deep into Moor Mist hurtling forwards on repeat full volume while diving down country lanes or paths, driving, riding, keeping pace with the elements as a storm breaks and passes, slow-motion sped up.
Like us now we’re older - slower and faster, the same, new.

Digital here